At Campingpark De Bongerd in Tuitjenhorn, the next phase of the water park on this star campsite has been realized with a Spatter & Spatbad. There are fun slides and water jets for small children up to 7 years old. The swimming pool was designed by owner Peter Vriend and is an asset to the park.  


Campingpark de Bongerd is located in Tuitjenhorn, in the beautiful and versatile North Holland. With a top atmosphere and personal service, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our camping guests. You will be amazed by Vleghel de Egel who, together with his neighbor King Pa-Radijs van de Holle Bolle Boom, will ensure that you can enjoy an unforgettable camping holiday!

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Constructieweg 2
8152 GA Lemelerveld (NL)

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