13 December 2022

Last year was an excellent swimming pool year for good reason. The temperature was not only very good but above all very sunny days! Perfect conditions for a cooling dip in the pool, relaxing in a spa, braving a challenging slide, or splashing and jumping in a spray park.

In 2022, we once again delivered beautiful and diverse projects. From swimming with a view (16th floor) to an unprecedented luxury wellness resort. From spectacular slides and water spray parks to jacuzzis in a beautiful wooded area. Completed and challenging projects we are very proud of.

We have also built indoor and outdoor swimming pools in various designs at private homes. High-quality swimming pools with automated water treatment to keep the water quality in optimal condition.

Meanwhile, we are already in the middle of work on projects to be completed next year, but at the end of 2022, we think it is time to look back on a successful year.
Here are some of the projects completed in 2022:

Wellnessresort Spa Sereen Maastricht

In this wellness resort, where luxury and nature come together, we realized various baths and whirlpools. The installations are gas-free and equipped with various energy-saving innovations and smart control systems.
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Van der Valk Schiedam

A stunning swimming pool with fantastic views! A unique challenge for us to create a swimming pool on the 16th floor of this hotel. The result is impressive. You just want to see this in real life!
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Zwembad Schiedam Van der Valk - Reimink Zwembaden

Holiday Resort Het Grote Bos in Doorn

After constructing the swimming pool and a water playground a few years ago, this year we received the contract to extend the pool with a new paddling pool and installation for a Hurricone slide.
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Private swimming pools

Last year, we built various and diverse indoor and outdoor swimming pools at private homes. On a country estate, in a rural area, but also in the middle of town. We customise swimming pools and take care of the entire construction process. By using an automated water treatment system, we ensure that the pool water is always of optimal quality.
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Inbouw privézwembad Reimink Zwembaden


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